Milacron Plastics Machinery (Jiangyin) Co. Ltd.

2K Injection molded penholder with Vistamaxx™ performance polymers and Achieve™ Advanced PP

See how Milacron Plastic Machinery (Jiangyin) Co. Ltd. produces a high-gloss injection molded penholder with soft TPE skin using our Vistamaxx performance polymers, and Achieve Advanced PP7123KNE1.

Penholder with soft part made by Vistamaxx polymers:

  • Improved comfort and reduced fatigue
  • Improved toughness with tear and tensile strength
  • No sticky feel from oil blooming
  • Non-slip feel when wet
  • Excellent compatibility with polyolefin based substrates
  • Design flexibility with good colorability

Penholder with rigid part made by Achieve Advanced PP7123KNE1:

  • High gloss to achieve good appearance
  • High stiffness with balance impact resistance
  • Good processability

Injection molded caps and closures with Vistamaxx performance polymers

Milacron will also produce injection molded caps and closures using our Vistamaxx performance polymers to deliver:

  • Toughness and impact strength
  • Optical properties – clarity
  • Enables living hinge design without cracking for long life

Visit the Milacron booth, 4.1L41, to find out more.