10 May 2019

ExxonMobil and Equipment Manufacturers to Create Differentiated Solutions Together at Chinaplas 2019

  • Highlighting plans for global growth and product innovation
  • Showcasing new performance PE polymers and recyclable full PE laminated packaging
  • Presenting polymer innovation and application developments in Seminars and TechTalks

GUANGZHOU – ExxonMobil said today it plans to demonstrate polymer and processing advancements through collaborations with leading machine manufacturers and a series of Seminars and TechTalks at Chinaplas. Machine runs will demonstrate how Exceed™ XP, Exceed™, Enable™ performance PE polymers, Achieve™ Advanced PP, ExxonMobil™ PP resins and Vistamaxx™ performance polymers, can help customers create differentiated packaging, automotive and consumer product solutions.

ExxonMobil expects to grow chemicals manufacturing capacity in Asia Pacific and North America by about 40 percent. We continue to innovate through our technology advancements as well as working with leading machine manufacturers to demonstrate the value of collaboration to create differentiated solutions,” said David Hergenrether, ExxonMobil Chemical vice president, polyethylene. “Visitors can discuss their challenges and product innovation ideas with us and our valued partners to discover the benefits of working together.

The machine run collaboration details are as follows:
Blown film
  • Stand-up pouch packaging using Exceed XP, Exceed and Enable performance PE polymers at Sun Centre machinery Co., Ltd. (Booth 8.1C25)
  • Lamination packaging using Exceed XP, Exceed and Enable performance PE polymers at Huashan Plastics Machinery Co., Ltd. (Booth 8.1F31)
  • Collation shrink, barrier film, lamination and courier packaging using Exceed XP, Exceed and Enable performance PE polymers at Jinming Machinery (Guangdong) Co., Ltd. (Open House-offsite May 24 PM)

Cast film
  • Cast stretch packaging using Exceed performance PE polymer at Xinle Huabao Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. (Booth 2.1J21)
  • Cast PE packaging using Exceed XP, Exceed and Enable performance PE polymers at Simcheng Plastics Machinery Co., Ltd. (Open House-offsite May 22 PM)

Injection molding
  • Automotive lamp housing, caps and closures using ExxonMobil PP resin and Vistamaxx performance polymers at Engel Machinery (Changzhou) Co., Ltd. (Booth 4.1J41)
  • Penholder, caps and closures using Vistamaxx performance polymers and Achieve Advanced PP at Milacron Plastics Machinery (Jiangyin) Co. Ltd. (Booth 4.1L41)
  • Storage box using Achieve Advanced PP at Welltec Machinery Ltd. (Booth 3.1J41)
  • Design pod flyer using Vistamaxx performance polymers at RJG Trading Chengdu Co. Ltd. (Booth 4.1R01)

Seminar and TechTalk details are as follows:
  • Enhancing plastics performance with Oppera™ modifiers
    May 21, 10:00-12:00 – Room 4, Level C, Zone B
  • Innovative and sustainable flexible packaging solutions
    May 21, 14:00-16:00 – Room 4, Level C, Zone B
  • Discovering the power of elastomers together
    May 21, 14:00-16:00 – Room 5, Level C, Zone B
  • Innovative light weighting solutions for the auto industry
    May 21, 14:16-14:36 – Booth 11.3R21, Zone B
  • Unlock new opportunities with extreme performance flexible packaging solutions
    May 22, 10:00-12:00 – Room 4, Level C, Zone B
  • High performance PE providing a one-stop solution for palletized packaging
    May 22, 14:00-16:00 – Room 4, Level C, Zone B
  • Solutions for liquid packaging that help protect and preserve
    May 23, 12:40-13:00 – Speakers' Corner, Zone A

Find out where you can interact with ExxonMobil experts at Chinaplas and download relevant information here.

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